Apples, Apples and more Apples!

We went apple picking and we got a whole bushel of apples.  What to do with all these apples?  Well we ate them of course!  Every way we could think of from just eating them out of the refrigerator, to putting them in our dinner to apple pie.  Another way was to dehydrate them and have them as a snack.  Our four year old son loved them this way surprisingly since he doesn't usually like cooked apples.  It was almost like eating candy and we all gobbled them up quite quickly once they were bagged up!

We had a great apple peeler that I got from for about $25.00.  It certainly made peeling apples quicker and easier!  Din loved turning the crank on the peeler. Then, we would lay the slices on our dehydrator trays. 
I also sprinkled a little cinnamon on the apples.  I would then plug in the dehydrator and by morning we had our treat!

Fall Leave Craft

Today we did a wonderful new leave craft that I wanted to share.  I can't take credit for the idea, since it did come from a preschool story hour that we went to earlier today.   First we collected about 10 to 15 different leaves. Maple, Birch, etc.  Then we laid out a piece of clear contact paper.  Din pushed the leaves onto the contact paper - pretty side up however he wanted.   We also cut out a leaf from paper and he wrote his name on it with crayon and stuck that on the contact paper.  Finally, we used a piece of  Glad's Press 'n Seal and put that on top of it all. It was simple and fun.  It looks fantastic up in our window especially when the sun shines through.  Would love to do something like this again.  Thanks Ms L. for such a great and fun idea!

The Sleep Fairy is back

We are back to reading the Sleep Fairy book by Janie Peterson.  This was a great tool to use when Din was two to get him to sleep the whole night.  The book talks about Macy the Sleep Fairy who comes when you lay in bed quietly, don't ask for another drink or another story.  "Stay in your bed and the Sleep Fairy will place a gift beneath your head."

Now that Din is showing interest in sleeping in his big boy bed, I have brought the Sleep Fairy back as well.  Din really wants to sleep in his bed but isn't completely there yet and wants the comfort of his mom and dad which is how it has been for all his life.

We take things slow in our home, there isn't any rush to get him to sleep in his own bed. Just like potty training, I figured it would take a long time and although encouraged him to go potty, never pushed.  We praised and awarded and by 2 and a half years old he was done with diapers even at night!  Our goal to start is to get him to fall asleep in his bed.  We started a couple of weeks ago and it is off and on.  Some nights, he wants to sleep in his own bed and other nights in ours.  Either is fine  - it's his choice.

Last night he says to me very excitedly  as he climbed into bed "Someday I'm going to be a Big Boy, Mommy and sleep in my bed all night!"  He then asked me to read the book to him.  She won't come if you don't read the book.  Afterward, he rolled over and went to sleep. He had awoken about 3 hours later and asked to come into our bed.  Funny thing is, he really wanted to stay in his own bed but just couldn't do it.   We are very proud our little guy getting to be such a big boy.

Back to school time

Back to school time doesn't happen here since Din is always learning and has school on certain days whether it's Summer or a holiday break.  For us, it means time to begin a new school year with some new ideas.  I love hearing about ideas that work for other homeschooling moms, teachers, mom friends.  Many of my school lessons stem from an idea we have already heard was successful.

One mom friend told me about how her son's preschool will have each child write their name every day on a piece of paper.  The teacher will then save each student's paper all year long and then give it to the parent to show how the child's hand writing has improved.  We started doing this and I now have a small collection of  papers with his name on them to save and review at a later date.

Another thing I am hoping to work on this year are lower case letters as well as a Letter of the Week program.  Din recognizes his letters, knows the sounds of most letters and can also write pretty much all of the capital letters.  Lowercase letters is one of goals for this upcoming school year.  I would also love to start a Letter book with him.  I haven't figured out exactly what will be in our Letter book but I'm working on the idea of it.  One letter for each page, print it, cut it out and paste it onto paper.   Then I'll probably have him find some things that begin with that letter  in some magazines, he can practice his scissors skills cutting it out and pasting it  in our letter book.