Macaroni Necklace

I loved making Macaroni necklaces as a kid so I thought it would be a fun activity for us to do.  We finger painted uncooked ziti first.  I gave him a brush and showed him how to paint one by one.  My son, not to be undone, showed me how to dip multiple fingers in the paint and then paint about a dozen ziti at one time.  Of course, the colors were no longer pink and green and blue but now a rainbow gray.  :)

I put all the little painted ziti's on wax paper on a cookie sheet since I didn't want them to stick together while drying. They dried pretty quickly.  We then used glitter glue to smear on to each one; again he loved using his whole hand and smearing all over multiple ziti. Once everything dried, we strung it on strings for necklaces.

This was a great craft not only to paint but really be able to feel the paint and the ziti texture.  He loved it and they turned out great.  We have lots leftover, so soon we'll be gluing them to paper.  :)