Macaroni Necklace

I loved making Macaroni necklaces as a kid so I thought it would be a fun activity for us to do.  We finger painted uncooked ziti first.  I gave him a brush and showed him how to paint one by one.  My son, not to be undone, showed me how to dip multiple fingers in the paint and then paint about a dozen ziti at one time.  Of course, the colors were no longer pink and green and blue but now a rainbow gray.  :)

I put all the little painted ziti's on wax paper on a cookie sheet since I didn't want them to stick together while drying. They dried pretty quickly.  We then used glitter glue to smear on to each one; again he loved using his whole hand and smearing all over multiple ziti. Once everything dried, we strung it on strings for necklaces.

This was a great craft not only to paint but really be able to feel the paint and the ziti texture.  He loved it and they turned out great.  We have lots leftover, so soon we'll be gluing them to paper.  :)

Missing my little cosleeper

Din has been sleeping in his big boy bed in his own room nearly every night now.  Well, he starts in there and 2 to 3 hours later is in our bed.  Which is fine with us all right now because after nearly 4 years of cosleeping, well you get use to having a little body cuddle up next to you at night or kick you in side repeatedly.  He wants to be like some of his little friends and be a big boy and do big boy things.  He also wants bunk beds as one of his friends has. So I told him when he is sleeping in his big boy bed from bedtime to 6:00 am, then we'll talk. Every night, the amount of time increases even if it's only a half hour longer than the previous night it's great progress.  Tonight he has been there for nearly 2.5 hours and every other minute I keep thinking I hear him and I'm jumping up looking for him only to find him sound asleep in his little bed.  But truth be told, I want to see him, I miss him and I want him to succeed but it's hard on us mommies and daddies too who are so use to cuddling with him at night.

Our Point System expanded

The "Mario points" idea has really taken off and expanded more than I could have ever thought possible. My son who in his words is 3 and 3 quarters has graduated from counting individual beads to now using a chalkboard. We had been doing the bead counting for the past 6 months and it was getting a little monotonous but he kept up with it and can now count higher than a hundred.

I was thinking we needed to do something a little different but what.... Well one day we went to a little diner for lunch and they had a chalk board up on the wall to keep kids busy.  What a great idea!  I picked up a chalkboard at Staples, complete with chalk and eraser and hubby hung it up for us in the kitchen where we usually do our lessons.  Now instead of counting beads, when Din earns points, he will put that specific number on the chalkboard. He sharpening his number writing skills and learning to add.  He is learning how to count by 5s in head.  He gets 5 points for an activity sheet completely properly.  If he has six sheets, he will count by 5 up to 30.  He will then get to write the number 30 on the chalk board.

But now our point system has expanded to more than just home activities. It is now his reward of choice especially since I've instilled the rule that he must have at least 20 minutes to turn on either the computer or the Wii system. I've awarded points when he is good and taken away points when he has unacceptable behavior. He gets very upset when I take points away, even just one point, so I don't do it often but it does happen and then he learns how to subtract points as well!