Ugh, my little guy Din was using the arm rests of two chairs, swinging in between them when his hands slipped and he landed his chin directly on the corner of a metal stair.  I looked at it and immediately thought 'Stitches'.  We went to the doctors. Because he is only three, Dr. L, didn't want to use a shot to numb the area so he used a topical lotion.  It was about noon time, Din was tired from running around at gym class that morning and then overstimulated with the activities of having to go to the doctors for a boo boo that he had no idea why there was so much fuss over.  Every other time he has gotten a boo boo, we've kissed it and/or put a bag of frozen peas on it.  He had no idea why we were at the doctors and why did everyone keep telling him to lay down.

He laid down while we waited for the numbing topical to do its stuff.  He was very restless so I read him some books to try to occupy him.  Twenty minutes later, Dr L and a nurse came in to begin the suture procedure.  Dr L asked if I was going to be okay watching this.  "Sure" I told him.  Least that's what I thought!  Dr L started to put the needle on Dylan's lip to begin the first stitch.  Din who usually has a high tolerance for pain, immediately started wailing "It Hoorts!" in his little boy voice over and over again.  It broke my heart.  I wanted to grab the doctor and tell him to 'Stop hurting my baby!'  Of course I didn't but every time, Dr L, stuck the needle into his lip, he would let out an even bigger cry.  I felt a wave of nausea had to let go of my baby's hand even though he was calling out to me.  I thought I was going to faint, I couldn't stand to listen to him cry.  Two nurses had to run in and get ME a drink of water and a sugary Popsicle to raise my blood sugar back up.  Amazingly, once they were done with Din, my faintness went away as well.

I can't believe what an ordeal it was watching Din get stitches. Now, a few hours later, he is seemingly fine and I'm still trying to get over the whole thing!