The day started out great and I even posted a big happy positive status on Facebook.  That will teach me!  Even now I'm trying to see the positive of things but how can I make the fact that I had to clean up two diarrhea dog poop piles on the floor a good thing?  And then we we're running late for Din's music class and we run to the car to find that the electrical locks aren't working and gah yes that's right the battery is dead!  So we run down to his class in the cold.

We just got back and I call AAA asking them to come jump my car.  I'm thinking okay this will be easy.  The guys shows up in 10 minutes and then I watch as he can't get the hood open.  We've always had trouble with the hood and today is no different.  I call my favorite garage and he can't see the car until Thursday Maybe he says.  So the tow truck guy tows it to his mechanic at an Auto Body place.  I better not get ripped off...  Sheesh all it needed was a jump.

Next time we go away for a week in the winter, we are leaving the car with my mother in law so she can start it a couple of times while we are away.