Flash Cards

I opened up a pack of 3 Letter Flash Cards to my letter loving son today.  I got these at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  These cards are great for lower case recognition as well as for learning words.  Lay down the three cards to piece together a specific picture which then spells out the word.  As you can see on the box, the word 'bus' is spelled out when the child pieces together the picture of the bus.  On the flip side of the cards is just the letter so these are great to work with either the pictures or just with the letters/words.

Here is an example of the word cat and how the cards are pieced together so to speak.  When I introduced my son to these cards, I picked out two words for him to put together.  He loved it!  He was piecing the words together, say the word and then I would have him spell it out.  We did a total of 6 words for our first session.  He is looking forward to doing this again and he was so proud of himself!

Great stuff for learning!