Bad days can be turned around..

After the long holidays and much going on with that we are trying to get back on track for homeschooling.  Today, I picked out some sheets to practice slanted lines, the letter 'X' and the letter 'Y' which he has done before.  I also planned on opposites and things that are the same.

I made the mistake of not starting right after breakfast which is what we will do from now on. He is at his best first thing in the morning.  So starting on a sour note, we did 4 sheets on same and opposites and he turns to me and says "I'm tired."  Which is good that he told me but much sooner than I thought he would tire of it.  So we took a break and we did silly opposites around the house which proved to be much more fun for both and he learned.  We ran fast and shouted "FAST" and then slowed down and said "SLOW!"  We jumped up high and shouted "High" and then we jumped "LOW".  He came up with some silly opposites and overall I would say it was a great learning experience.

After naptime, I brought out his tea set and play doh.  We had a tea party with two stuffed animal friends and we made apples and cheese and such out of the play doh.  Here's a picture of our tea party fun.

He then asked me if we could do some "Looin" (learning). I brought out the papers with the slanted lines and he practiced making slanted lines from the left and from the right.  At first he was great and then he started getting extremely sloppy which told me that it was time to move on but he insisted he wanted to make a letter.  I went on against my better judgment and he practiced X's and V's.  Then he threw his crayon on the floor as he looked me in the eye defiantly.  Two time outs later, we are cleaning up and moving on.  Oh well it was good for most of the day!