Flash Cards

I opened up a pack of 3 Letter Flash Cards to my letter loving son today.  I got these at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  These cards are great for lower case recognition as well as for learning words.  Lay down the three cards to piece together a specific picture which then spells out the word.  As you can see on the box, the word 'bus' is spelled out when the child pieces together the picture of the bus.  On the flip side of the cards is just the letter so these are great to work with either the pictures or just with the letters/words.

Here is an example of the word cat and how the cards are pieced together so to speak.  When I introduced my son to these cards, I picked out two words for him to put together.  He loved it!  He was piecing the words together, say the word and then I would have him spell it out.  We did a total of 6 words for our first session.  He is looking forward to doing this again and he was so proud of himself!

Great stuff for learning!


Din is napping and I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching the snow fall, drinking a cup of coffee while working on my gourmet food business.  The snow is so mesmerizing. And after last week's snow vacation, I actually find it relaxing and peaceful which is something I would have never thought about snow. I can't believe I'm actually going to be saying this but I want the snow to pile up.  The shoveling and cleaning out our cars is certainly no fun and I really can't complain since my wonderful hubby does most if not nearly all of that but I used to hate the snow.  And today, I'm wishing we could go sledding or skiing or maybe sometime get snow shoes so we can go take a nice walk together.  But for now, I should get back to the business before my little storm wakes up from his nap and the quiet is filled with loudness and laughter.

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason and after what I thought was a bad day yesterday, now I see it as God didn't want us out driving yesterday and that is why the car didn't start. I truly believe this.  Today things are better and we'll be heading to see some friends in Portsmouth.  A long ride in the car without a DVD player but we'll have music and snacks and hopefully he'll sleep.  Hoping you all have a super fantastic day!


The day started out great and I even posted a big happy positive status on Facebook.  That will teach me!  Even now I'm trying to see the positive of things but how can I make the fact that I had to clean up two diarrhea dog poop piles on the floor a good thing?  And then we we're running late for Din's music class and we run to the car to find that the electrical locks aren't working and gah yes that's right the battery is dead!  So we run down to his class in the cold.

We just got back and I call AAA asking them to come jump my car.  I'm thinking okay this will be easy.  The guys shows up in 10 minutes and then I watch as he can't get the hood open.  We've always had trouble with the hood and today is no different.  I call my favorite garage and he can't see the car until Thursday Maybe he says.  So the tow truck guy tows it to his mechanic at an Auto Body place.  I better not get ripped off...  Sheesh all it needed was a jump.

Next time we go away for a week in the winter, we are leaving the car with my mother in law so she can start it a couple of times while we are away.

Weekly Calendar

Din loves knowing what we are doing on each of the days.  He has always asked me "What are we doing in one day? how about two days?" and on and on up to like 9 days onwards.  Recently, I put the days of the week on the refrigerator and he has been enjoying learning the days of the week and what we do on each day.  Today, I thought it would be fun to create a schedule for him to view so he'll know what's coming next.  We have some great small size poster board and I just cut out the days of the week.  Gluing them to the top of the page and then putting pictures under each days for what we do.  I was thinking we could make this as easy or as extra creative as we wanted to.

Bad days can be turned around..

After the long holidays and much going on with that we are trying to get back on track for homeschooling.  Today, I picked out some sheets to practice slanted lines, the letter 'X' and the letter 'Y' which he has done before.  I also planned on opposites and things that are the same.

I made the mistake of not starting right after breakfast which is what we will do from now on. He is at his best first thing in the morning.  So starting on a sour note, we did 4 sheets on same and opposites and he turns to me and says "I'm tired."  Which is good that he told me but much sooner than I thought he would tire of it.  So we took a break and we did silly opposites around the house which proved to be much more fun for both and he learned.  We ran fast and shouted "FAST" and then slowed down and said "SLOW!"  We jumped up high and shouted "High" and then we jumped "LOW".  He came up with some silly opposites and overall I would say it was a great learning experience.

After naptime, I brought out his tea set and play doh.  We had a tea party with two stuffed animal friends and we made apples and cheese and such out of the play doh.  Here's a picture of our tea party fun.

He then asked me if we could do some "Looin" (learning). I brought out the papers with the slanted lines and he practiced making slanted lines from the left and from the right.  At first he was great and then he started getting extremely sloppy which told me that it was time to move on but he insisted he wanted to make a letter.  I went on against my better judgment and he practiced X's and V's.  Then he threw his crayon on the floor as he looked me in the eye defiantly.  Two time outs later, we are cleaning up and moving on.  Oh well it was good for most of the day!

Extracurricular Activities

Today, I took Din to to gymnastics at a youth gym in our neighborhood. He really enjoyed it and listened well.  Since we are homeschooling, I still think it's important for him to work on his listening skills as well as be with other kids his age during the week.  I also like how he will see the same kids and it will build a routine for him.

The class was great.  The teacher had the kids listening, following directions and doing things on their own in a structured fun environment.  We signed up to continue for the next 7 weeks.

We will also be continuing Music Together for another session as well.  Din being our little musical guy, he really enjoys this class as well.  Freedom to run and march but still be in structure of the class. He loves playing air guitar and drumming on the floor.  He always seems to find music in everything and is blossoming well in the music class.

Memorizing & Letter Recognition

I just wanted to share another activity we've been using for Din to learn letter recognition.  He has a wonderful desk which we picked up at a consignment store.  When you lift the desk cover up, there are letters that stick to the underside of it.  Magnetic letters on the refrigerator would work just as well for this activity.  First together we go through and put the alphabet in order from A to Z. Then we take turns closing our eyes and the other person pulls off one of the letters and hides it behind his/her back.  The other person has to guess which letter is missing.  He loves this game and makes him have to repeat the alphabet to guess the letter.  He can play this one for a long time!