The Letter 'T'

Today we learned about the Letter 'T'. It is a letter he already knows how to write so this is one of the reasons why I chose to start with it. It is also the first letter in his middle name so I thought that would help. I announced today's letter is 'T' and gave him a practice sheet which had the Letter T on it and he proceed to trace the lines as usual. We then found pictures in a magazine of things that began with the letter T. We found a T-Rex, a wooden block with the letter T on it, a Turkey and some toes. He was very receptive at letting me show him how to use his little plastic scissors and he did it, he cut the paper all by himself. It was a slow process but I am so proud of him!

We hung up his collage with some T for Tape and then I gave him a Turtle coloring page to color in. His reward for doing such a great job was Two Thomas the Train stickers and Two pages of mazes to complete (which are his favorite).