More Letter practice

We have been continuing to work on Dylan making his letters. He asks me how to make other letters and I do show him but I try to encourage him to only work on the letters we have been going over this week. Besides the white blank paper, I have also had him practice writing his letters on our dry erase board and he has one of those magnetic boards that has the attached pen that he can color and write on and then use the slider to erase it. One of the best gifts we have ever gotten. He has been using his thing since he was one years old. This isn't the exact one he has but, you get the idea of what it is. This is one of the most used toys over the past two years besides his musical instruments.

He is so cute making his letters too, he will say aloud like I did when I was showing him the letters "First draw a line down, then another line down, then one across to connect them" This is what he would say to make an 'H'

First Capital Letters

Two days ago we started working in Kumon's Capital Letters workbook. The first couple of exercises is to practice both tracing and drawing horizontal and vertical lines. Then it moves on to show how the letter 'L' is only two lines - one vertical and one horizontal. Same with the letter 'H', 'I', and letter 'T'. Dylan loved it and he did so fantastic. I am so proud of him. This was the first time he has ever made letters and now since we started 2 days ago, he loves to draw the letters on his own whenever he can.

I thought perhaps if he had some penmanship paper he could practice writing the letters. This proved to be very frustrating for him because he couldn't get it that small between the lines. So then I got some blank paper and told him he could make the letters as big as he wanted. And he did and that is what fueled him even more so. Here are some pictures of his workbook tracing the letters and here is his first try making letters on blank white paper. Makes me so proud! Not even 3 years old and making his letters!