Leapfrog Computer

Dylan is starting to feel better but still feeling a little run down I think. We got some chores done this morning; laundry, (he cleaned the lint tray), emptied the dishwasher (he put the silverware away and then got bored and started putting pots & pans on his head) and then we played a couple rounds of basketball. I then took out his Leapfrog computer which he hasn't seen in months. In fact, he doesn't remember using it at all. It's one of those toys which I put away and we take it out every so often and he thinks it's a new toy... So he was delighted when he saw it.

I plugged it in and showed him very briefly, because that is all he would allow, how to use the mouse. After a few attempts, he actually did it. He moved the mouse and clicked the spot where he was suppose to. He hardly ever gets to use our PCs so this is really a new skill for him. He struggled with the hand/eye coordination a little bit trying to use the mouse so we found other activities where he could push buttons on the keyboard and/or just use the arrow buttons. He played for about thirty minutes and when his eyes started glazing over, I told him it was time to shut off the PC and do something else. We made lunch and he is now down for a nap which is what his little tired body needs right now.

Looking forward to a fun crafty filled afternoon.