Kumon My First Book of Tracing

Despite Dylan not feeling well the past two days, he loves learning and insists on doing the small workbook activities we've been doing nearly everyday. I've been trying out and reading about different curriculum series and one of the series that we both have taken a liking to is the Kumon Series. Last night, he completed the Kumon My First Book of Tracing. The book is wonderful for hand eye coordination. I love how the activities start out easy and gradually get a little tougher as the book continues. The main page is the tracing maze activity and the back are more like little exercises to reinforce what was just learned or soon to come. This is also a great first step in learning how to make straight lines, curves and slants so when we do writing.

Another thing he has learned doing these activities is how to hold a crayon properly. He doesn't always do it right but he tries and that's what is important and makes me so proud of him.

I picked up two more books in this series. Next we'll be working Kumon My First book of Mazes and Kumon My First Book up Uppercase letters. Dylan knows his letters by sight but the Uppercase Letter book will introduce him to writing uppercase letters. It uses the same method when he did the tracing & mazes. I know he will enjoy this book once we get started. One day we worked on the number seven. He was tracing the number seven and then wrote one by himself. He was so proud of himself when he did it, he yelled "MOMMMY I DID IT - I MADE THE NUMBER SEVEN!!!" True it looked more like the letter T but it was his first time and it was really awesome!