The Goodnight Caterpillar

A few weeks ago, I was watching the TV Reality Show "Shark Tank". This is a show where hopeful entrepreneurs go in front of 5 entrepreneurs that made it big working their own business and taking the risk. I love the new ideas and dream about some day having my own home business. This is where I watched Lori Lite the author of the book "The Goodnight Caterpillar" tell her story and introduce her books which are meant to help kids learn techniques to relax. She was saying how she read them to her son and it helped him relax before sleep time. I was so intrigued; I immediately went to her website and started learning more about her books. I also went to to read the reviews. I purchased "The Goodnight Caterpillar" and "The Angry Octopus". I was skeptical that this would actually help get my son, Dylan to relax and get to sleep.

Our normal bedtime routine is dinner, bath, snack time, brush teeth, go potty, play 5 hits of baseball with daddy, 2-3 books (depending on the length), lights out and sleep. Well there are of course a million interruptions during bedtime routine, as well as arguing about who was going to brush his teeth first (him or us) and then when he gets to bed he is usually somersaulting on it, or jumping on it, or rolling around... yes very peaceful - NOT! When he does usually lay down, we read, shut the lights off and he'll again roll around for another 10 to 60 minutes trying to fall asleep. Yes, you read that right, it can take up to an hour for him to settle down.

4 nights ago, we got "The Goodnight Caterpillar" book out and ready. He was rolling around on the bed, I was yelling for him to lay down, yes it was definitely our typical night. Daddy read one book that he picked out, I read one book that he picked out and then I did something different. I shut off all the lights except for a book light. I clipped the book light to our new book and he had his head on the pillow watching. I began to read 'The Goodnight Caterpillar'. As I read, the words that was telling Dylan to relax his feet, I touched his feet. I read "You will relax your legs" and he did. I read "You will relax your arms and he moved them down to his sides. I felt him relaxing as I read the book. He was so focused on listening to me telling him what part of his body to relax next, he didn't roll around on the bed trying to get settled.

By the end of the story, he was relaxed AND SLEEPING. Oh yah! I was doing the happy dance! I posted about it on facebook to my friends. I had to share the joy of what just happened with everyone. I was still skeptical but every night we read that book (the past 4), he has been asleep by the end of the book.

I didn't have to teach him how to relax his body - he listened to the words and did it himself. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Can't wait to review more of Lori Lite's books!