Dylan & his Guitar

A picture of Dylan playing the guitar. Every morning when he wakes up, he asks me if the neighbors are sleeping. Meaning Can I play my guitar and drums really loud?! I use to make him wait until 8am but the time has someone dwindled down to a starting time of about 6:30am. Once given the okay, he drags out 3 drums. Big drums, real drums. Yes we got him a used set from the music store about a year ago. He also has a Crash cymbal which is really a metal colander. A Diego rescue pack which in his mind is his Kick drum. His tambourine comes out. And finally his acoustic guitar and sometimes the electric guitar. This whole set up sits in our living room pretty much all day unless friends are coming over.
We put on an hour of Laurie Berkner videos on the TV, yet he hardly ever gets through the whole hour for he is usually interrupted with other activities, snacks, bathroom breaks or having the same some rewound over and over. He keeps a beat amazingly well. I love that he loves music.