Homeschool Learning.

Today we did a half hour of home school activities. He worked on tracing the number one, making circles, following different paths on paper with a crayon, cutting paper with scissors with one hand (he keeps trying to use two hands with the scissors), and fine motor skills putting stickers in a specific spot on paper. It was great morning of learning. We used Kumon Tracing Skill book as well as 2 activity books from School Zone. Still trying to find the best system for us as well as plan out a specific curriculum and/or schedule.

Baby Board Books

This evening I took out some of what use to be Dylan's favorite picture board books. One was all about body parts and the other every day words. When he saw them, he asked "Mommy these are new books?" "No" I replied "Just books we haven't read in a long time." He loved them! It was a lot of fun having him point to the things he did know and say and then me telling him what the items are. It was a great educational thing to do before we read a few of his favorite story time books. I love being able to find learning activities in things we do everyday!