Magic 1-2-3

A friend told me about the book Called "1-2-3 Magic Parenting" by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan. I enjoy reading parenting books and thought it looked interesting. I ordered the book because I heard her telling everyone about this book. I received it about a month after my last post where I was in the midst of pulling out all my hair and crying in the corner about my toddler son that enjoyed hitting me on constant basis. At that time, we were doing Time Outs (TO) and after the TOs we were sitting on the floor with him and explaining what he had done wrong, had him apologize and give us a hug. Sounds great but the problem was that I truly believe he was hitting us and pretty much ASKing for a Time out! I mean why not, we were inconsistent with how much time he sad in time because we watched the second hand on a clock and thereafter we gave him our undivided attention and we hugged him. He couldn't lose!

Magic 1-2-3 explains specifically and easily how Time Outs should be done. No talking and no emotion are the two key components when handing out a TO. He should be counted when his behaviour warrants it and put into time out if/when we reach the count of three. It sounds easy because it is easy! But you need to read the book! The book is about $12.00 on and it is so worth it! GET THE BOOK! It's an easy read and very informative.

The first day of using the book, we put our 25 month old son into TO at least ten times. But it lessened with each day of use and now although I probably count to two at least 50 times a day, it helps both of us keep it together. Now we both know what to expect and Dylan doesn't hit anymore!