Dry Diaper Chart

First time he stayed dry for 2 hours. I'm so proud of him. We've been doing a sticker chart. When he pulls down his pants by himself, sits on the potty, does something on the potty, flushes the toilet and/or washes his hands, I give him one sticker to per an item (so up to 5 stickers) on the chart. He doesn't always remember to do everything so he didn't always get 5 stickers. After he completes six of each of the tasks, he gets a 'surprise'.

We started the first chart over a month ago and he has since gotten about 4 surprises. He goes in spurts. There are some days where he wants to do the potty trying and other days he could care less which is fine by me.

Yesterday began another cycle of trying to go on the potty. This morning, after I changed his morning diaper he didn't pee in his diaper for over two hours and instead he told me "Mommy I want to use the potty!" I was shocked that he didn't pee in his diaper all morning even after having a drink. He just got another Diego ball which he is very excited about. Time to go to the dollar store again!