The Sleep Fairy

My son has always fought sleep at night as well as still looks for milk in the middle of the night to help him get back to sleep. He still wakes up for milk occasionally and since I now refuse to give it to him, he will cry, yell and flail. And since we all co-sleep, he can get quite disruptive at times so I need help in getting us through this phase.

Recently, while browsing, I came across this book called "The Sleep Fairy" by Janie Peterson. The book tells the story of 2 young girls who didn't stay in their beds at night. Came out for another story, a kiss, a drink of water. Then one night, their parents read them a magical story about The Sleep Fairy who visits at night to kids who stay in their beds at night. Well, the visit is in the form of a magical visit such as The Tooth Fairy visits leaving a little something under the child's pillow.

The way the book works is that you read the story to your child which is similar to most bed time routines and explain that if he/she goes quietly to sleep and stays in their bed, then they will receive something from The Sleep Fairy.

I believe in using rewards as motivation and we started this book last night with Dylan. He was very excited about the whole concept and after reading the book it took him about 20 minutes to go to sleep which was actually an improvement of prior nights. He did wake in the wee morning hours and cried for milk and I told him if I gave him milk than The Sleep Fairy wouldn't visit. He did go back to sleep with less fuss.

When he woke the next morning, he said to me "There's nothing under my pillow." And I told him well he better check and he did and he was pleasantly surprised to see a tiny container of orange play-doh.

No, the night wasn't perfect but it was better and I wanted him to believe that The Sleep Fairy would come if he was a big boy and slept as he should. My plan is to read the book for the next few nights, and then we'll get to the point where we only read it occasionally. If we don't read the book, The Sleep Fairy won't come and there will be times where we will read it and he won't behave as he should at night and The Sleep Fairy won't show up. Those will be disappointing mornings but we'll work through it as we normally do. I'll keep you updated!

To find out more about the book visit The Sleep Fairy's website
or visit the link below to purchase this from

Dry Diaper Chart

First time he stayed dry for 2 hours. I'm so proud of him. We've been doing a sticker chart. When he pulls down his pants by himself, sits on the potty, does something on the potty, flushes the toilet and/or washes his hands, I give him one sticker to per an item (so up to 5 stickers) on the chart. He doesn't always remember to do everything so he didn't always get 5 stickers. After he completes six of each of the tasks, he gets a 'surprise'.

We started the first chart over a month ago and he has since gotten about 4 surprises. He goes in spurts. There are some days where he wants to do the potty trying and other days he could care less which is fine by me.

Yesterday began another cycle of trying to go on the potty. This morning, after I changed his morning diaper he didn't pee in his diaper for over two hours and instead he told me "Mommy I want to use the potty!" I was shocked that he didn't pee in his diaper all morning even after having a drink. He just got another Diego ball which he is very excited about. Time to go to the dollar store again!

Magic 1-2-3

A friend told me about the book Called "1-2-3 Magic Parenting" by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan. I enjoy reading parenting books and thought it looked interesting. I ordered the book because I heard her telling everyone about this book. I received it about a month after my last post where I was in the midst of pulling out all my hair and crying in the corner about my toddler son that enjoyed hitting me on constant basis. At that time, we were doing Time Outs (TO) and after the TOs we were sitting on the floor with him and explaining what he had done wrong, had him apologize and give us a hug. Sounds great but the problem was that I truly believe he was hitting us and pretty much ASKing for a Time out! I mean why not, we were inconsistent with how much time he sad in time because we watched the second hand on a clock and thereafter we gave him our undivided attention and we hugged him. He couldn't lose!

Magic 1-2-3 explains specifically and easily how Time Outs should be done. No talking and no emotion are the two key components when handing out a TO. He should be counted when his behaviour warrants it and put into time out if/when we reach the count of three. It sounds easy because it is easy! But you need to read the book! The book is about $12.00 on and it is so worth it! GET THE BOOK! It's an easy read and very informative.

The first day of using the book, we put our 25 month old son into TO at least ten times. But it lessened with each day of use and now although I probably count to two at least 50 times a day, it helps both of us keep it together. Now we both know what to expect and Dylan doesn't hit anymore!