Trying to get Toddler use to bed

My little guy slept in his own little toddler bed for an hour and a half today. I am so proud of him! Two days ago, I put his favorite bed blanket and pillow over in his little bed, which until now has just been a place to sit on and read books or jump up and down on. So anyways, two days ago before nap time, I asked him to lay down in his bed. He was not up for sleeping in his bed but I explained for him to just relax and lay down on his bed for five minutes and after the five minutes we would move to Mommy's bed. He did great and I told him how proud of him I was and he just had the largest smile.

Yesterday, he agreed to lay in his bed before nap time for 6 minutes.

Today, he agreed to lay in his bed for 8 minutes.

My hope is eventually he will fall asleep before the set amount of minutes while getting use to laying down in his own bed. So far so good!