The Amazon Kindle

Yesterday, my husband suggested we purchase the Amazon Kindle. Have you seen these? They cost close to $400 dollars which is a lot of money in my book. DH (Dear Husband) has $125.00 in Amazon gift cards so this would help towards the cost of it. He is also an avid reader of hard cover books and others have been telling him they save a lot of money in the long run but using one of these instead of purchasing books new. Amazon says they have over 120,000 different books available for purchase and download on to the Kindle. DH checked and many of the books he has purchased over the past few months are available on the Kindle. According to the reviews I've been reading most of the books cost about $9.99 which is a fantastic deal.

I track our spending in Quicken. Last year, we spent approximately $1,400.00 in books for a family of three. So yes, I know we need to curb the book spending a bit. We love buying books for us and for the little guy. DH says he is pretty sure he purchases about two-thirds of all the books we get. We have so many books we are running out of room to store them. We've donated some to the library and book bins and some we brought to consignment to sell.

I just want to make sure he will use it and it won't be one of those fad things we get and then never use. Besides, we have so many other things we need money for such as new tires for my car, a tree trimmer, a fence fixer, disconnection fee for my T-mobile cell phone not to even mention credit cards. My thoughts are to wait until at least February so that we can pay the bills we need to pay, get through the holidays, make our summer vacation deposit which is due the end of January and then probably be able to get it in February. But by then, 4 months away, we probably would have purchased another $400 in books. Wow, that certainly is a lot when you look at it like that.